We have been tuning and repairing equipment since we opened our doors in 1976!


The Quality Of Our Work Is Guaranteed

If you have not tried a well tuned board or ski you will find a world of difference in edge grip, manoeuvrability and glide.

Custom Tuning
Over the years we have maintained our tradition of quality workmanship and service in all aspects of ski and snowboard tuning and repair. Personalized Custom Tuning means our techs will discuss with you your skiing style and skills to determine what kind of tune up you require.


❯ Ski and Snowboard Services

Base Grinding

Having your bases stone ground and repaired on our Reichmann stone grinder ensures you will have the best base structure you can have for a silky smooth ride. Once we are through with your gear it will look absolutely new! Not all base grinds are the same. A stone ground base is when a ski is taken and ground on a ceramic stone. The stone is pre-dressed by a diamond tip cutting tool that the technician advances into the stone while it is turning. This creates a pattern on the stone which in turn is transferred to your ski base. This is what is referred to as structure and plays a very important role in ski glide and turn ability. A stone grind can be customized (the structure can be deep or shallow, long or short) so that the base glide is maximized for the type of skier you are and the conditions you ski in. For more info we suggest talking to our techs!

Base Repair
Edge Sharpening

Edge sharpening and bevelling on our Wintersteiger ceramic disc edge and bevelling machine provides a precision edge second to none. Skis are manufactured with different edge bevels depending on how the ski was designed and what type of ski it is. In the old days, edges were usually at right angles which provided a good all round grip. Later, it was discovered if the base edge was bevelled on a slight angle (usually about ½ to 1 degree) the skis turned easier and in racing were faster. The side edge can also be bevelled so that it is sharper. The rule of thumb here is that a little goes a long way! The factors that determine your best edge are the type of skis, the terrain you like to ski on and your general all round technique. Our techs can advise you on what can work best for you.

Delamination Repairs

❯ Repairs Price List


Ski tune (base grind, edge sharpen, wax) $65 Incl. Minor Fills
Snowboard tune (base sand, edge sharpen, wax) $60 Incl. Minor Fills
Kiddies Tune (130 cm or less) $55 Incl. Minor Fills
X-Country Structure & Wax (machine grind) $25
Side Edge & Wax $35
Hot wax (iron-in) & Deburr $20
Hot wax (machine) $10
Base grind only $40
Side Edge sharpen only $25


W/Purchase W/O Purchase
Binding adjustment $0 $15
Alpine mount & adjustment $20 $40
Alpine remount & adjustment $30 $45
Snowboard mount & adjustment $0 $20
XC mount $20 $35
Alpine touring or telemark mount $30 $70
Alpine binding test $15 $25