We have been outfitting Island XC skiers
for over 30 years.



As you browse through our XC gear section you will find products for all abilities from novice to racer including a great selection for juniors and kids. So whether it is skate, classic, or light touring, our XC specialists are ready to help you get the most out of your new gear!


Junior X-Country Program

For junior XC skiers we have a great ½ back trade in program, rental deals and used gear as well. We help to make it easy and keep records of all you purchases. Conditions

XC Rental Credits

Did you know we offer a portion of your ski rental toward future purchases? If you are not ready to make a XC purchase for you or the kids, you may want to try our rental program. You can rent by the day, or try our non-consecutive 6 day rental. If you decide you would like to purchase equipment you will receive ½ of the total cost of your rental toward the purchase of a complete ski package. Maximum credit is ½ of 6 days rental. Conditions


❯ XC Boots

Selecting the right skis for XC skiing is very important.

At Ski Tak Hut our staff will take the time to find the best length, camber stiffness, and overall ski flex that suit the conditions you will be skiing in and the type of skier you are. Proper ski selection is an art as well as a science and we are here to help make it easy for you. Brands include Salomon, Fischer, and Rossignol. If we don’t have a particular model or size we will gladly special order it!


❯ XC Boots

As with any shoe or boot designed to perform a specific task, fit and function are key.

Comfort is always important, but it has to be the right model and it has to hold the foot properly for either skate skiing, classic, or light touring. Each of these XC styles demand a certain type of boot fit.


❯ XC Boot Fitting

Boot fitting and modification of XC boots is something most people are not aware of.

Our boot techs can do many things to improve the fit of new and used boots. Yes, XC boots can be stretched and, “tweaked” in many cases. So whether you need new boots, or want to try and get the old ones to fit better, we welcome you in to the shop to discuss your fitting requirements.


❯ XC Bindings

XC bindings are not all the same.

Of course there are skate and classic, but there are many other options within these two popular styles. To help understand which system is best suited to you, or if you are unsure about which bindings may be suited for your existing boots we recommend a visit to our shop or a call at 250-334-2537. Brands are Fischer, Rossignol, Salomon, and Rottefella.


❯ XC Poles

XC Poles are very important and selecting the right model can be very confusing.

Questions one should ask when buying poles concern correct length, pole stiffness, grip type, and basket size. We carry an excellent selection of XC poles from Swix, Rossignol, and Salomon.