Article: Warm and Dry

Warm and Dry; The most important things you can think about when getting dressed for the Ski Hill. As we live on the West Coast and see a lot of cold, damp weather we have to be outfitted in gear that is built to outlast any condition that mother nature can throw at us. The key to dressing starts from the inside. It’s very important that you wear a proper layer next to your skin, as that is the key to keeping your core warm. If you don’t have an insulated jacket you might want to think about a midlayer to add that extra warmth, whether it be a merino wool, synthetic, or a down piece. 

Lastly but definitely not the least, outerwear. Your jacket or pants are what will block all of the harshest elements from affecting your day. All ourSki and Snowboard coats and pants are waterproof so that you can block out the snow and rain. Staying dry goes hand in hand with staying warm.

When purchasing clothing for winter, it is necessary to factor in what kind of activity you will be taking part in. If you are doing something like Nordic skiing a lighter and more breathable jacket is the way to go, opposed to Downhill skiing or snowboarding where you want to block out the elements and keep your warmth in.With every individual being different than the next our staff is here to find out what kind of gear will best suit your needs for the varying conditions you could be exposed to. Which is why we don’t bring in clothes based solely on style. Our garments have a purpose and that’s to keep you on the hill as long as possible.

Not only do we have an extensive selection of outerwear items, we have a great selection of accessories and street wear. We keep our staff well educated on goggles,gloves, socks, and any other essentials for a day up the mountain. We also carry a variety of Tees and hoodies for your après ski or just hanging around downtown.

Whether you’re on the hill or off the hill we have gear that will keep you warm,dry, and looking your best.