The State Of The Mountains

After an unseasonably dry November and December, Vancouver Island was hit with its first big winter storm on January 10th. The storm dropped enough snow for Mt Washington to begin spinning it's lifts, and our season was about to begin. This was music to all local ski and snowboard enthusiasts ears.


While a weather inversion blanketed most of the Island with a cold low lying fog, up on the hill, riders has been privy to warm and sunny spring like conditions. Mt Washington's Park Crew has dug in over a half dozen rails and boxes, and the park is looking great.

Island backcountry skiers have been enjoying the sun, and the relatively stable snowpack that has come with it. Vancouver Island Avalanche Bulletin forecasters have put a pause on daily forecasts until the weather or the snowpack changes. Atop stable snow and under the warm sun about a dozen women took to the Mt Cain backcountry last weekend with guidance from Island Alpine Guides. The women took part in guided tours of both the North and West bowl while learning how to safely navigate and route find.

With January coming in the rear view mirror and February ramping up we see what looks like the most significant snowfall in weeks heading our way. Here is hoping that it is just the start of a fantastic late season here on the Island. I just want to give a quick shout out to the Mt Washington Staff who had been tirelessly farming snow onto the runs this past month so we can all enjoy our favourite island playground. Much appreciated everyone. Thanks.

See you know the sloes
Let it Snow

Please note: Mt. Washington is looking to re-open with the next significant snowfall.

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